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Content Statement

SoulCare Resources is new and a work in progress. We are working on it constantly. Our goal is to provide you a destination for comprehensive Christian soul care & counseling resources.

We try to source products from a strict Christian viewpoint. Some materials may not be obviously Christian, yet adhere to Biblical values.

Still other products may not state a clear Christian message, yet provide useful information. This is akin to how a book on physical exercise many not cite sacred Scripture or mention Christ, yet the principles are helpful. We look to your comments to determine if we should continue to stock those materials.

Other inappropriate materials may have slipped past our filtering process; for that we deeply apologize. It is challenge to carefully review every product, however we will remove objectionable materials as we find them. You're welcome to alert us to inappropriate materials; please use the contact form on the bottom menu.

You're also welcome to add your own comments on any book or product you have read or used in its entirey.

Thank you!

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